Tioman Tour

Because of the absence of roads on Tioman, the only way to reach all the attractions of the island is by boat. Many operators and resorts offer you the opportunity to see the highlights of Tioman in a one-day round-island tour. Typical stops along the way include:

  • Asah waterfall just outside of Mukut Village:
    From the jetty, a short trek through the jungle brings you to one of the most impressive waterfalls on the island. The pools of cool mountain water are a great place to refresh after the sweaty walk.
  • A chance to photograph the twin peaks
    Known as the dragon’s horns, Tioman’s famous peaks are an impressive sight at the southern end of the island and popular with adventurous rock-climbers.
  • Duty free shopping in Tekek
    The island’s main village, Tekek, is where most of the duty-free shops are, selling alcohol, cigarettes and souvenirs at low prices.
  • Snorkelling at the Marine Park headquarters
    Clouds of brightly coloured fish are in the water around the jetty here, no doubt attracted by the bread crumbs offered to them by daily visitors.
  • Other villages
    Every village on Tioman has its own character and a stop at one of the other villages for a lunch break or refreshment lets you experience this.
  • Renggis Island
    Located right in front of the Berjaya Resort, this tiny rocky island has some of the most impressive coral formations around it and is a popular stop for snorkelling as well as scuba diving.

Round Island tours range from RM 80-120 per person, depending on the starting point, duration and type of boat used.

source: http://tioman.com.my/