Tioman RE #2 - Sebastian Wolf

In this episode of Tioman Island RE (Real Experience), we have submission from another member in our group at Facebook, Sebastian Wolf. If you have been following this blog, you'll notice that we do have a segment called Tioman Island RE (Real experience), where we showcase photos of Tioman Island from the members in our Facebook fan page. We uploaded those images here, and share it with the world the beauty of Tioman Island.

Enjoy the scene below:

Tioman RE #1: Joanna Kotarska

Welcome to Tioman RE (Real experience) #1. This is the first ever entry under this subtopic. We're gonna put all the pictures from our members in Facebook fan page about Tioman Island here, and share it with the whole world. Submission from one of the members in our Facebook Group, Joanna Kotarska.

What a wonderful Tioman :)

What is Tioman

Tioman is a gifted island in eastern part of Malaysia, with beautiful scenery which include corals and sea-livings. Rated as the paradise of corals, Tioman offers great sea experience that no one could ever forget.

Situated in the state of Pahang (one of Malaysia's 14 states), Tioman is surrounded by plenty of coral-reefs, making it the favorite spot for divers around the world. Apart from its sea-life diversity, Tioman is also known for its reserved rainforest and various protected species of mammals.

Dive Sites

Dive Tioman! Isn't it exciting? Yes it is. Tioman has a couple of dive sites that will definitely blew off your mind. Do refer Gallery section for a more pictured post-experience before you really go to Tioman :)

I am not a diver, but I remember when I went to Renggis and Marine Park for snorkelling, the nature is just fantastic!

Still remember how I fed the fish right in front of my eyes.

Getting There

At this point of writing, Tioman can be reached through both air (flight) and water (ferries and speedboat).

Ferries to Tioman..

If your choice is speedboat or ferry, you can choose to reach Tioman either from Tanjung Gemuk (North of Mersing) or Mersing (Johore) jetty.
If you are on package to Tioman, a return ticket is usually included. From beautiful town of Mersing, the ferries can take up to 3 hours to reach Tioman, whilst the speedboat just usually take around an hour plus. The price is around RM35 (Ringgit Malaysia, USD11) each way and they leave every 2 hours between 7:00 to 18:00.