Jungle Trekking

Thanks to the mountainous topography and the protected status of Tioman, most of the rainforest here has remained untouched with the only development being the villages and resorts along the coastline. This makes Tioman an excellent destination for those that are looking for a jaunt in the jungle.

The best known, and probably the toughest jungle trek stretches across the middle of the island, through the hilly terrain and rainforest between the villages of Tekek and Juara. On this 7km, four-hour trek you are likely to encounter monkeys, monitor lizards, scores of birds and insects as well as passing by waterfalls and tall trees that are hundreds of years old. Though gruelling and sweaty, the reward is the perfect golden sand of Juara beach on the other side of the island.

Other popular treks are footpaths, paved in places, that connect the villages of Genting and Paya as well as Air Batang and Salang (with a stop at Monkey Bay in between). While not so isolated as the Tekek-Juara trail, sightings of Tioman’s massive monitor lizards and monkeys are all but guaranteed. The paths are mostly level, although there are some strenuous uphill climbs. Follow the power cable, as the pathways can be overgrown or eroded in places.

Remember to bring lots of water and insect repellent and that the jungle gets darker sooner, so plan to reach your destination well before dusk.

source: http://tioman.com.my/