Tioman Spa

At present there are two Spas on Tioman. The first is the Ayura Spa at the Berjaya Tioman Resort and the other is the Paya Holistic Spa at the Paya Beach Resort.

The Ayura Spa is part of a network of Spas affiliated with the Berjaya group of resorts and offers a range of traditional and natural treatments.

Treatments include massages, body scrubs and wraps, facials, hand and feet grooming and treatments and also a selection of Hair Spa treatments. These can be combined in a Spa package lasting between two and four hours. The signature treatment of the Ayura Spa is the Ayura Signature Massage, which uses a traditional method of applying a heated poultice of aromatic herbs and spices to meridian points of the body.

The Paya Holistic Spa focuses on providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience and uses a variety of natural ingredients such as cucumber, coconut, herbs, papaya and yoghurt. This Spa offers a range of massages, a herbal body scrub and wrap, a facial and an Ayurvedic Hair treatment. There are also packages available that combine treatments.

It is essential to make a booking for your Spa treatment and to arrive on time. Enquire with the Berjaya Tioman Golf, Beach & Spa Resort or the Paya Beach Resort for further information.

source: http://www.tioman.com.my