This is one of compulsory things to do when you arrived at the Island. Warm crystal clear water, and muchness of marine life, and the fact that most of packages offered here in Tioman includes snorkelling as one its activities, means that, you'll not leaving Tioman without it. This map might depicted brief snorkelling and diving spots for you. Don't forget to mention these spots to snorkelling operators when you are on snorkelling trips in Tioman!

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The location of snorkelling varies, they are as follows:

Tulai Island..

Tulai island lies on north-east of Tioman Island (closest village – Salang) and there are numerous operators that arrange snorkelling trips here. Remember to pack drinks and a lunch if it is not included in your trip. Also, don't forget to bring some extra bread to feed the fish!

Reggis Island..

This is one the place that I enjoyed the most during snorkelling. The corals and marine life (I spotted a turtle while snorkelling) around this tiny beautiful island is fantastic. You could find the most outrages coral reefs from blue in color to even pink coral reefs. The views is just beautiful.

Monkey Bay..

Why Monkey? I don't precisely know, but probably because this popular snorkelling spot, once inhabit a lot of monkey. That's just the theory, nevertheless, this is another perfect location for snorkelling on Tioman. Located at north of Tioman, it has white sandy beach and crystal clear water to enjoy.

Marine Park..

This is my first snorkelling spot on Tioman, it is a location with a perimeter and has two floating 'plastic' in the middle of the park. It is a nice spot with a lot of marine life, so be sure to bring extra bread for them! :)